School Leader

Lucas Yax

Lucas Yax, Assistant Superintendent of Residential and Juvenile Justice Youth School Programs, leads Lighthouse Academy St. John's Campus programs. Prior to this role, he was the Principal of Lighthouse Academy-Waalkes, Lighthouse Academy-The Pier, and Lighthouse Academy-The Port programs. 

Lighthouse Academy St. John’s is an on-site school program for the residents of DA Blodgett St. John’s Home who are considered unsafe to attend schools within the community. Between the two sites, we serve approximately 100 students throughout the school year.

Lucas obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Ashford University before completing his Master's in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.  Lucas started working with at-risk youth as a Youth Specialist and Chemical Dependency Tech at the Brown County Evaluation Center form 2004-2006.  He then served in a multiple roles including; Youth Specialist, Shift Supervisor, Activity Therapist, and Education Specialist with Wedgwood Christian Services for 3 years before being employed as the Responsible Thinking Advisor with Lighthouse Academy in 2009.  He served in this role for 7 years before transitioning to the MTSS/PBISS Coordinator for the District and finally transitioning into the Principal role with the Waalkes, Pier, and Port programs during the 2015-2016 school year.