School Leader

Sherri Nash obtained her Bachelor's degree from Baker College of Muskegon before completing her Master’s in Human Service Administration from Concordia University. Sherri started working with at-risk youth as a Direct Care Staff at Wedgwood Christian Services from 2015-2019.

Sherri has served in multiple roles including Direct Care Staff, Youth Treatment Specialist, Shift Supervisor, and Education Specialist with Wedgwood Christian Services for 4 years before being employed as the Responsible Thinking Advisor with Lighthouse Academy in 2018. Sherri continued for one year as an on-call staff with Wedgwood while working as an RTA with Lighthouse Academy.  Sherri served in this role until 2020, when she transitioned to the Office Manager for the South Campus.

Currently, Sherri serves the School Leader role at the Lighthouse Academy Muskegon Community Building program, which opened in September 2023.