About the Principal

Lucas Yax


Lucas Yax is currently the Principal of Lighthouse Academy-Waalkes, Lighthouse Academy-The Pier, and Lighthouse Academy-The Port programs.  Lucas obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Ashford University before completing his Master's in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.  Lucas started working with at-risk youth as a Youth Specialist and Chemical Dependency Tech at the Brown County Evaluation Center form 2004-2006.  He then served in a multiple roles including; Youth Specialist, Shift Supervisor, Activity Therapist, and Education Specialist with Wedgwood Christian Services for 3 years before being employed as the Responsible Thinking Advisor with Lighthouse Academy in 2009.  He served in this role for 7 years before transitioning to the MTSS/PBISS Coordinator for the District and finally transitioning into the Principal role with the Waalkes, Pier, and Port programs during the 2015-2016 school year.